11.04.18 San Fransisco Debut with Jonathan Pilkington

10.28.18 Central Coast Guitar Society with Jonathan Pilkington

04.19.18 Booth Western Museum Recital with Jonathan Pilkington 04.04.18 Booth Western Museum Lecture Recital
02.24.18 Booth Western Museum Performance
12.22.17 Bless this House Concert Series, Sautee, GA

10.28.17 Reinhardt Guitar Festival
10.21.17 Barmeyer Benefit Concert
10.15.17 Reinhardt Faculty Recital
03.30.17 President’s College Lecture-Recital
03.17.17 Reinhardt Contemporary Arts Festival
02.10.17 15th Anniversary Celebration: Honoring Floyd and Fay Falany 02.02.17 Portland State University, Portland OR

01.17.17 Piedmont College, Demorest, GA
12.24.16 Bless this House Concert Series, Sautee, GA
10.23.16-11.04.16 Theatrical Production The Thief, the Madman, Quixote & the Magic Doors
05.13.16 Private Event (featured in the New York Times)
11.10.16 Sautee-Nacoochee Arts Center Clarksville, GA
11.23.16 Harvest Home Concert Series, Atlanta, GA

09.20.15 Church of the Holy Family
09.01.15 University of Georgia
05.03.14 Lakeside Outreach Concert
11.26.14 Atlanta Guitar Guild Concert
09.20.14 CD release Party, Poor Calvin's Restaurant 05.05.14 Atlanta Guitar Guild Concert

05.02.14 Lakeside High School Outreach Concert
02.04.14-02.06.14 RECORDING- Of Cord and Cassia Wood with Soprano Wanda Yang 10.05.13 Central Coast Outreach Concert
10.06.13 Central Coast Guitar Society
10.13.13 Redeemer Concert Series
10.20.13 City College of Charleston Lecture Recital
11.09.13 Portland State University Concert
11.10.13 Portland State University Masterclass
03.18.13 Young Harris College Masterclass (Young Harris, GA)
03.17.13 Young Harris College Concert (Young Harris, GA)
10.27.12- 11-05.12 Donner Party Part 2 Performances (Camarillo, CA)
05.22.12 American Guitar Society & LA Valley College Masterclass (Valley Glen, CA) 05.20.12 The G.Roger Bailey Classical Scholarship Concert (Morro Bay, CA)

10.02.11 Channel Islands Chamber Orchestra Concert, Soloist (Ventura, CA)

01.26.11 Ventura Guitar Society with violinist Ina Veli (Camarillo, CA) 03.08.11-03.20.11 Donner Party Play Performances (Camarillo, CA)

09.29.10 USC's Music at Noon (Los Angeles, CA)
05.22.10 Julian Dixon Culver City Library Outreach (Culver City, CA)
 05.02.10 Wayfarer Chapel concert with Charlene Chi (Palos Verdes, CA)
 04.16.10 CSU Bakersfield Concert Series (Bakersfield, CA)

01.19.10 Western Carolina University (Cullahee, NC)
11.21.09 INTERNATIONAL: Bunka-kaikan Recital Hall (Tokyo, Japan)